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Looking for an Android app developer!

Hi ! I'm

I'm an Android application developer with average experience in Java and Kotlin.
I look forward to working remotely or in a company {Voluntary} to design beautiful, modern app.

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Hi, I’m Selim Android Developer.

I like practicing programming to improve mental skills, logical thinking, problem solving and self development.

My Resume

Work Participation

My Education

Website Courses

Gmmal Tech / 2021 - 2023

Studied at {C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Algorithms, Data Structure, OOP and Entrepreneurship}.

My Experience

Java Application

Android Studio / 2021 - 2022

Create apps using: $java {RecyclerView, glide, picasso, Firebase, pdf Viewer, CardView, Preference, jsoup, exoplayer, volley, retrofit2, gson, binding, pick: all media}.

Kotlin Application

Android Studio / 2022 - 2023

Create apps using: $java += {Dagger-Hilt, kapt, Life Cycle, rxjava2, Kotlin Coroutines, Navigation, Room, OkHttp, Compose, coil}.

My Skills

Java 80%

Kotlin 75%

Firebase 70%

Xml / Jetpack 70%

Web 60%

Photoshop 80%


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My Address Info

Syria, Homs Governorate, Homs City, Homs, Wadi-Aldhahab.

Name: Selim Dawa

Phone: +963 994-683-386



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